Library Board of Directors

The Ridgefield Library is operated by the Ridgefield Library Association, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors dedicated to ensuring excellent library service to the community. The Board’s major responsibilities are to set policies and directions for the Library; manage its financial and intellectual health; and provide oversight to the administration of the Library.

Contact: Dean Miller, Board Chair, 203-947-6820,

From the Board Chair

The Ridgefield Library is a cultural and social destination of choice located right in the center of our town.  We have a beautiful building completed in May 2014, a wonderful staff that is always willing to help patrons, and a great collection spanning many genres and formats.  In addition, we offer an amazing variety of entertaining and educational programs for all ages, including literature, arts, music, movies, business and technology. 

We also have a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors comprised of 16 community members with a wide variety of skillsets and experiences, along with a passion and commitment to maintain and grow our Library. The Board has a number of priorities for fiscal 2017-2018.  One of the key priorities is to update our 3-year strategic plan.  We have started the planning phase and will soon be reaching out to the community, our patrons and our major supporters for input.  Another key priority will be to update the Library's website, thanks to a generous grant from the Friends of the Ridgefield Library.  And we continue to look for ways to strengthen the Library's financial base.

Although we receive around 70% of our funding from the Town of Ridgefield, we still need to raise more than $550,000 each year through donations and other revenue to continue to be able to offer a wide range of quality programs and services to our patrons.  We would not be able to operate without the generosity of our donors, who are our partners in ensuring that the town of Ridgefield has a library of which we can be proud.  Thank you again for your support. 

Your comments and questions are always welcomed. Please feel free to contact me as Board chair ( or our Library Director Brenda McKinley ( at any time.

Dean Miller, Board Chair


Ridgefield Library Board of Directors

Dean Miller , Chair
Matthew J. Byrnes, Vice Chair
Gary Rapp, Treasurer
Stephen P. DeMatteo, Secretary

Amanda Bergen
Michele Booth
Lynn P. Consentino
Robert Ellis
Magda Fincham
Robert P. Freeman, Jr.

Friends representative:
Julie Yaun

Carroll W. Brewster, Emeritus
Peter T. Coffin. Emeritus
Barbara Dobbin, Emerita
Sally A. Savoia, Emerita

Tom Gerhard
Alison M. Greeley
William B. Harford, Jr.
Tizzie Mantione
David Yaun



The Library Board meets
on the 4th Monday of most months at 7:30 PM in the
Library's Dayton Program Room.

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Library Board meetings are open to the public; anyone requiring special accommodation due to disability is asked to contact the Library Director at 203-438-2282.

PDF Town-Library operating agreement

Strategic Plan, 2013-2016

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