Christina B. Nolan Tribute Fund

Christina Nolan retired on December 31, 2016 after 16 years as Director of the Ridgefield Library.  At a special "roast and toast" on October 5th at the Ridgefield Playhouse, hundreds of family, friends, colleagues and community members saluted her with both heartfelt and humorous tributes.
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Many admirers also sent in special messages that were included in the program book for the evening.
You can add your name and a short message for Chris to this list by sending a gift to the Library of any
amount in her honor. Just click here to make your tax-deductible gift and submit your message online.

Contact: Laureen Bubniak, Director of Development, 203-438-2282 x11029

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Special Messages to Chris Nolan:


We will miss you tons!
-Suni and Woody Harford

Dear Chris, We wish you the best! You’ve made the most of your time with the Library, and now it’s time to make the most of your leisure.  There’s no doubt that you know exactly how to do that!
- Ed and Cloris Pearson

Chris, Thank you for everything you have done for the Library and our community!  You have made such a difference. It has been a pleasure getting to know you.  Best of wishes for your next adventure.
- Sean & Jana Hogan

Chris, I am making this donation in gratitude for your Library Staff providing me with the Support I needed on that fateful day in my life 11 years ago yesterday, December 20, 2005.  I know you remember what I am referring to.  I will always be grateful that I was in a safe place at my time of need. Blessings on your Future Path. Love,
- Elisabeth Levy

Best wishes in your new chapter!
-Raffaele and Elizabeth Gallo

Thanks for sixteen great years and may you make many wonderful memories in your retirement.
- Mary Kaletta

Best wishes and good luck on your retirement. We will be thinking of you and hope that you have a very special and happy time.
- Anne and Frank Tracy


Dear Chris, I wish you the best in your new chapter in life. Let it be filled with delight and joy followed by good health and happiness. Let this period of life be adorned with beautiful days and enjoyment in everything you do. Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement!
- Patt Alexander, Webster Bank

Thanks for your dedication to the written word!
- Jessica Auerbach

Dear Chris, Peter and I would like to wish you all the very best in your next venture! Thanks so much for steering the Library ship in the right direction over the years you have been the director! All the very best!
- Laurie and Peter Bachmann

Congratulations and with appreciation of your service over the years.
- Gretchen Bishop

Congrats on your retirement, dear friend! The best is yet to come!
- Georgia Bouda

Thank you, Chris. You have touched the lives of so many and have contributed so much in your time as a key community leader. The Boys & Girls Club members have been afforded many opportunities and experiences through your leadership and we are forever grateful. Your passion and energy has been an inspiration to all. Good luck and we will miss you.
- Boys & Girls Club of Ridgefield

Congratulations! It’s been fun working with you on the beautiful new library!! Best wishes and good luck!!
- Nancy and Gene Brandon

You will be warmly remembered because of your determination to make the Library a wonderful place to gather, learn and share. Enjoy your retirement!
- Jen Branstrom

Every good wish to you on your new journey!
- Suzanne C. Brennan

Chris, you are the best! Congratulations on all that you accomplished. We love you!
- Rebecca, Bart, Ginger and Jacob

Dear Chris, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you for all these years, and witnessing your hard work and dedication for the Library and Town that you love. We will all miss you, dearly. Here’s to leftovers and chocolate!
- Laureen and Paul B.

Let the relaxation begin! (happy retirement!)
- Hugs, Rod and Melissa

Happy Travels, Chris! Thanks for the wonderful expansion of Ridgefield Library’s Building and programs, services, outreach, and physical contents under your leadership.
- Dave and Martha Campbell

Thank you for all you have done for our community and for being such a strong supporter of the Ridgefield League of Women Voters.
- Marilyn P. Carroll

Vision. Energy. Commitment. Thank you Chris.
- Susan D. Cocco

Thank you for all your contributions to our community and for your dedication to making Ridgefield Library one of the town’s most treasured resources.
- The Coffin Family

To a fine director who made a difference. We salute you.
- Ken and Carolyn Coleburn

A passionate leader who raised the bar. You will be missed! Thank you!
- Bernie and Terry Conlon

Thank you for your incredible leadership and best of luck in your next chapter!
- Rob, Amanda, Claire, Anabel, Chris Cordano

Many thanks, and joy to you as you enter the next phase of your life.
- Valerie Cosgrove

May your next chapter be full of adventure!
- Catherine da Cruz

Thanks, Chris! The town of Ridgefield will reap the benefits of all your tireless work today and always. Thanks for your dedication to our town!
- The Daigle Family

Chris, thank you for your tireless commitment to the Library and Ridgefield as a whole. Enjoy your retirement!
- Steve and Anissa DeMatteo

Camp Snooze won’t be the same without you! So glad we were able to experience it in all three locations! Best wishes on your retirement. We will miss you!
- The Desmarais Family

You succeed running the Library. We’re wishing you a long, happy and healthy retirement!
- Dimitris and Kostas

Congratulations on finally graduating from the Ridgefield Library Chris; and in only 16 years! Thank you for all you have done for the Library and the town of Ridgefield; your leadership will be missed. We wish you health, happiness, prosperity and all the time to enjoy them, you have more than earned them.
- With great admiration and appreciation, Anita and Nick Donofrio

To days ahead of happiness and fond memories.
- Greg and Candy Dziuba

You’ve done a wonderful job Chris. We are all grateful. Best wishes for your next endeavors, whatever they may be!!
- Barbara and Ken Eisold

Librarians don’t retire. They get reshelved. Thank you, Chris. Enjoy the next chapter.
- Love, Liz and Rob

Thanks Chris – First Class from the first day!
- Jo Fainer

The Ridgefield Library is the great place it is because of you. We are immensely indebted to you. With deep gratitude, we thank you.
- Chris and Karin Fallon

Thank you for being you, Chris!
- Magdalena & Carson Fincham

Chris, Thanks for all of the support you’ve given the Friends! You’ve been a joy to work with. Best wishes as you embark on the next chapter of your life.
- Friends of the Ridgefield Library

Dear Chris, Thank you for the opportunity to work at such a wonderful library under your leadership. Congratulations on your retirement!
- Brian and Erica Gauquier

Here’s to lots of reading time! Thank you for all you’ve done for our town.
- Anne Giordano and Kevin White

Wishing you the very best in your retirement.
- Trevor Gladwin

My dear friend, Chris, enjoy a fabulous retirement!
- All my love, Mary Kate

Chris, best wishes on the next steps in your great journey. You have so much to be proud of.
- Allen Kirk Gray

You have achieved so much in your years at the library! Best wishes as you begin the next chapter of your life.
- Joan Gregory

Congratulations and be joyous!
- Pat and Dick Hage

Thanks for all the wonderful work you have done on behalf of our community. We wish you the best on your next journey.
- Suni and Woody Harford

Best of luck in this next chapter in the book of your life, Chris!
- Lynn Holley and Chris McCaffrey

Congratulations, Chris!
- Veronica and Alexander Isley

Chris, Happy Trails to You! Good luck and many thanks.
- From Liz and Fred

Thank you for sharing your gifts with Ridgefield. Enjoy retirement!
- Christy Kinsman

There was a librarian named Chris. Whose library filled Ridgefield with bliss. Be it night or be it day she always had something positive to say. With her retirement her presence we shall miss.
- Bob Leavitt

“Congratulations on all you have accomplished, Chris! Enjoy the exciting future ahead.”
- Kathy & Gary Leeds

10:5:2016 Congratulations to Chris Nolan (see enclosed crossword puzzle)
- George and Ginny Leeman

Adventure is in your DNA. I hope you continue to explore new horizons. It has been an honor to work with you.
- Kathy Maher

Thank you for all of your energy, enthusiasm and leadership in making our library the grand institution it is. We wish you all the best in the next chapter of your life. You will be missed but your legacy will live on!
- The Mantiones

Thank you for all your hard work at the Library and in the community. You will be missed!
- Connie Marsala and Enzo Reale

Congratulations Chris! Wishing you all the best in your retirement. Thanks for all you’ve done for the Library and for Ridgefield. “Good Librarians build collections…great Librarians build communities”
- Dean and Theresa Miller

Thank you for all your dedicated enthusiastic leadership. Hope you have a wonderful, well-earned retirement.
- Elise Miller

Thank you for all you have done and for your amazing work to bring a beautiful new ibrary building to Ridgefield. We will miss you and your fun personality! Enjoy your retirement!
- Christie Mitchell

Mom, thanks for being an inspiration to everyone around you but especially to us, your loving sons. We couldn’t be more proud of you and can’t wait for this well-deserved next chapter of your life. Love you!
- Nolan & Wendy, Alex, Taylor & Cheryl

Congratulations on your retirement. Thank you for your many years of leadership and guidance.
- Liz and Paul Montanari

Chris, you will be missed. Thank you for all you’ve done!
- Mary Morrisroe

Best of luck in your life’s next chapter, Chris. Ridgefield will miss you!
- nancyO

We are so proud of all you have done for the Library and the Community of Ridgefield! We love you.
- Jim and Kathleen Nolan

Congratulations, Chris!
- Riall and Christine Nolan

We will miss your smile and benevolence. Enjoy your free time!
- The Norwitt Family

Congratulations, Chris! On your success and your retirement.
- With love from decades of reading and sharing and laughing with the Old Milwaukee Book Club

Congratulations Chris! Best wishes as you begin the next chapter! Be well and ENJOY!
- Dorothy Pantano

Enjoy your new adventures!
- Dorothy Pawlowski

All the best as you explore new worlds!
- Ed and Cloris Pearson

Much Happiness in your next adventure.
- Marie and John Pinchbeck

All the best in your retirement. Congratulations on this great milestone!
- Gary and Kimberly Rapp

Job well done. Congratulations. Thank you. Best Wishes.
- Susan & Michael Richter

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Staff, we wish you all the best in your retirement. May the years ahead be filled with love, peace and all things that your bring you happiness. Thank you for your dedications to our organization.
- Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce

“To be a librarian is not to be neutral, or passive, or waiting for a question. It is to be a radical positive change agent within your community.” – R. David Lankes.
To Chris – our agent of positive change, tremendous vision, tireless dedication, and strong leadership. You’ve guided the Ridgefield Library to new heights, setting it on a path to a bright, enduring future.
With deep appreciation and best wishes for your next chapter,
- The Ridgefield Library Board of Directors 2016/2017

Thanks for guiding us through two strategic plans, three library automation migrations, the Battle of Ridgefield and Rochambeau’s March, and, of course, the long and successful trip to our new home. We couldn’t have done it without your leadership!
- Ridgefield Library Staff

Here’s to 16 year,s multiple building plans and nearly as many joint replacements!
- Love always, Mary (and Joe)

Chris, thank you for all you have done for the Library, our Ridgefield community and our most precious resource, our children. Enjoy your new adventures. Go Badgers!
- The Romosers – Sandy, Don, Paige and Will

Chris Nolan service before self…always
- The Rotary Club of Ridgefield

Congratulations on an incredible career and thanks for all that you have done for the Library and the community. We wish you well.
- Jeet and Maury Sandhu

Enjoy your retirement!
- Shelley Schonberg

You are in our special book!
- Chuck and Carolyn Schultz

You will be missed. Thanks for all you give. Best of luck in your next endeavors. Enjoy your travels.
- Victoria and Shel Secunda

“HUZZAH” indeed!
- Marcia Simha

Congratulations! “Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way.” – Dr. Seuss
- Mary & Richard Smith

Congratulations Chris and Happy Retirement!
- from your friends at SPHERE!

Best of luck on your next adventure, Chris
- Jodi and Jason Stewart

Remembering first meeting Chris by welcoming her to town with the PTW basket of gifts in June 2001. We wish Chris much happiness forever!
- Dee and Joe Strilowich

Sincere thanks and congratulations on your retirement, Chris. All the best to you in the next chapter of your life!
- Town of Ridgefield, Connecticut

My dear Chris, from kitchen table coffee to the mountains of W.Va. and the waters of Lake Michigan, our friendship has endured the passage of time and the challenges of the journey. I will be forever grateful for the faithful way you stay connected. I can’t imagine what life would have been like in 1977 or 2003 or 2016, if I had not met you. Always an adventure! Always deep joy! Thank you!
- Princess Karen A. Vernal

Dear Chris, in retirement, always remember, never go to the bank and the Post Office on the same day; you will run out of things to do! Have fun in all you do.
- Fondly, Leslie and Paul V.

Thank you so much for your dedication and leadership. Our community has benefited tremendously.
- Karen B. Walant, PhD

Chris, thank you for all the amazing things you have brought to our community. You have made Ridgefield a better place. Thank you!
- Eileen and Jay Walker

Enjoy your retirement – we will miss you.
- Frances Walton

Chris Nolan – a special librarian
- Andrea & Bob Whitton

Chris, wishing you the best of luck. Regards,
- Dorothy Wright

Thanks and good luck!
- Barbara and Bill Wyman

Thank you and best wishes, Chris!
- David and Julie Yaun

You put the “F” in Fun! May our adventures continue. Congratulations on your retirement.
- Love, your sister Jane


Gifts in Honor of Christina B. Nolan on her Retirement:

Patt Alexander, Webster Bank
Jessica Auerbach
Laurie and Peter Bachmann
Mary Bills
Gretchen Bishop
Wendy Bosworth
Georgia Bouda
Boys and Girls Club of Ridgefield
Nancy and Gene Brandon
Jen Branstrom
Suzanne C. Brennan
Rebecca, Bart, Ginger and Jacob
Laureen and Paul Bubniak
Rod and Melissa Buckwalter
Fred Burke and Liz Kelly
David and Martha Campbell
Marilyn P. Carroll
Susan D. Cocco
The Coffin Family
Ken and Carolyn Coleburn
Bernie and Terry Conlon
Rob, Amanda, Claire, Anabel, Chris Cordano
Valerie Cosgrove
Catherine da Cruz
The Daigle Family
Nicky D’Attilio
Steve and Anissa DeMatteo
The Desmarais Family
Dimitri’s Diner
Anita and Nick Donofrio
Greg and Candy Dziuba
Barbara and Ken Eisold
Pam Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ellis
Julie Evans
Jo Fainer
Chris and Karin Fallon
Pat Fetterley
Magdalena and Carson Fincham
Friends of the Ridgefield Library
Raffaele and Elizabeth Gallo
Brian and Erica Gauquier
Anne Giordano and Kevin White
Trevor Gladwin
Mary Kate Gobleck
Pat Gorence
Alan Kirk Gray
Joan Gregory
Pat and Dick Hage
Lynda Hanley
Suni and Woody Harford
Jana and Sean Hogan
Lynn Holley and Chris McCaffrey
Veronica and Alexander Isley
Mary M. Kaletta
Christy Kinsman
Bob and Loire Leavitt
Kathy and Gary Leeds
George and Ginny Leeman
Elizabeth Levy
Peggy Lott
Kathy and Dave Maher
The Mantiones
Connie Marsala and Enzo Reale
Dean and Theresa Miller
Elise Miller
Christie Mitchell
Nolan & Wendy, Taylor & Cheryl and Alex Mitchell
Liz and Paul Montanari
Mary R. Morrisroe
Jim and Kathleen Nolan
Riall and Christine Nolan
The Norwitt Family
nancy O
Lisa and Brian Oren
Dorothy Pantano
Dorothy Pawlowski
Ed and Cloris Pearson
Marie and John Pinchbeck
Gary and Kimberly Rapp
Susan and Michael Richter
Ridgefield Chamber of Commerce
Ridgefield Library Board of Directors
Ridgefield Library Staff
Mary Rindfleisch and Joseph Keneally
Sandy and Don Romoser
Rotary Club of Ridgefield
Frank Rowella
Jeet and Maury Sandhu
Shelley Schonberg
Chuck and Carolyn Schulz
Jeff and Judy Schweitzer
Victoria and Shel Secunda
Marcia Simha
Richard and Mary Smith
Sphere, Inc.
Joan Spector
Jodi & Jason Stewart
Dee and Joe Strilowich
Town of Ridgefield, CT
Anne and Frank Tracy
Princess Karen A. Vernal
Leslie and Paul Vuilleumier
Karen B. Walant, PhD
Eileen and Jay Walker
Frances Walton
Andrea and Bob Whitton
Mary Alice Wasielewski
Dorothy Wright
Barbara and Bill Wyman
David and Julie Yaun
Ray and Jane Yen

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